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Image by Aaron Weiss


What we're learning

Architecture & Design: We get inspired by TikTok and dream of decorating dorms, houses, and apartments


Fashion: We love to see different styles and use different emojis to describe different aesthetics. Users motivate us to try different things, go out of our comfort zone, and buy some drip from websites we may never of heard of before


Beauty: We go to TikTok’s hundreds of dermatologists and doctors to ask questions we may have been too scared to ask our own doctors and learn how to take better of care of ourselves 

We know a fraud when we see one

There’s no shortage of fake people online but we know when something’s legit

Subjects like dropshipping are constantly being roasted by TikTok conscious users in the comments

We love making the boring stuff interesting

Making IRA’s, investing in Blue Chips, and getting a good credit score are all things we’re learning how to do from TikTok


As a generation who never cooked before, we sure follow an awful lot of cooking accounts to learn how to eat something other than instant ramen


When most people think of what Gen-Z likes to do front tie and Starbucks come to mind. But in reality, we love to do what most middle-aged people love, decorating houses  


Although we may not have houses of our own just yet, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming and spending hours obsessing

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