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Maxine Marcus

Founder & CEO

My dad, an incredible VC, started taking me to pitch meeting when I was 10 years old. Instead of having me sit on the side, he would engage me and ask for my opinion on every product he was looking at. At 15, I interned at SoundHound Inc. in marketing. Again, I was expecting to be getting coffee, but I ended my internship doing a social media strategy presentation to upper level management focused on how to better reach teens. This is when it really hit me: even the smartest product managers and marketers had no real understanding of what teens today are doing. I then worked for a small social media company my junior year in High School, running an in-house teen insight group. While running this program, I learned how to collect feedback in the most authentic and realistic manner. All of a sudden, multiple companies were approaching me asking them to run the same research program for them. I founded AmbassCo after noticing the stark gap between business executives and teens. 

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Luke Kasunic

Head of Strategy

You just have to think and do it right.

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Paris Bromber

Director of Social Media

Growing up in a household with an entrepreneur as a father, I was constantly exposed to the ideas of innovation, persistence, and risk taking. Although I had set my goal of becoming a physician early-on in my childhood, something about the passion that my father possessed for his company intrigued me. Throughout my college career at USC I have undertaken a premedical major and a business administration minor-- fulfilling my curiosity in the fields of health, business, marketing, consulting, and finance. When I met Maxine at USC, her vigor and excitement for AmbassCo aligned with my values, and reminded me greatly of the passion I had been familiar with during my childhood--somehow, it almost felt like home. The classes I was taking at USC, although necessary, weren’t providing me with the real-life experience I desired. I wanted to be a part of something greater, and feed my creative side. I joined the AmbassCo team because I see the potential in its future and believe in a platform that allows Gen-Z to have their voices heard. Representing this generation in the most unadulterated and authentic way is what  I strive to accomplish on this team. 


Sofia Miller

Head of Brand Partnerships

Since highschool, I realized I wanted to be doing more. Through balancing my studies, sports, and volunteer work at a national teen crisis hotline called Teenline, I began to figure out how to spend my extra time in a meaningful way. Sophomore year I started my first company, a 501(c)3 nonprofit called “Unlimited Arts” that organized art galas to honor talented young artists and raise money for other organizations that support youth mental health. After understanding all of the intricacies from legal work to client management involved in running a business, I was hooked. I started a swimwear brand called “Sapphire Swim” senior year of high school and have been expanding my knowledge base of how young consumers behave in the retail sphere since. My entrepreneurial spirit is inclined to make an impact on others’ lives - which often means working closely with others to find their needs and step out of myself to understand other perspectives. Finding The Ambassador’s Company has been such an exciting journey to help companies expand their impact with a complex generation I care about so deeply. 


Vivian Feng

Co-Director of Ambassador Recruitment

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always stood up for what I’ve believed in: whether that was publishing stories about the lack of action surrounding socio-economic injustice in my high school and Stanford newspaper, discussing long-term changes surrounding Title IX education with my district Superintendent, or advocating for student conduct rights at hearings with the UC Berkeley Center for Student Conduct. I joined AmbassCo because the company’s mission is to increase and encourage the discourse around giving young adults a voice: essentially, a seat at the table. As an Economics major at Berkeley, I often hear about how little changes in markets can culminate to affect the macroeconomic picture, and how when making investments, one needs to think of the long-term picture. I believe AmbassCo and the companies that we work with are cognizant that the small investment they make in understanding our generation, will manifest in major long-term results. I joined this team to be a part of the movement that I think will shift our future to prioritize the voices of of younger generations.

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Andrew Rocha

Content Marketing

I’m  a 15 year old high school student at Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton California. I’m also a three sport athlete and I do photography and Model UN for my school. My first exposure to the business world was in the sneaker and streetwear aftermarket, where I bought and sold various items and apparel, in many cases with up to a $1,000 profit margin. Along the way I cultivated relationships within various companies, utilizing them to grow and expand my business from a couple hundred dollars to five figures. As I moved into High School, I took a more laid back approach to investing, only approaching deals which were particularly interesting or lucrative, which included a South Korean Chalk Company as well as many entities within the retail space. In the past few months I’ve also started trading securities, with a portfolio primarily focused on companies positioned to profit off the development of 5G technology. My insight into global trends, especially those within my age group have made me specifically excited about working with AmbassCo. Through my investing experience, I’ve been able to identify key youth trends and understand on a deep level how these trends relate to our clients.

Meet Some of our Ambassadors

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Andrew Barrows

Hi, my name is Andrew Barrows, I'm 17, I was born and raised in a small town: Danville, Indiana.I go to Burlingame High School and my passions consist in scuba diving, coding, photography and occasionally playing the ukulele. I have strong feelings towards preserving our environment and trying to have a cleaner planet for futures to come. I joined the ambassadors because I loved the idea behind companies receiving teen insight. I think that receiving our insight is great because teens are trend setters but also because we influence what our parents or others around us do more than any other age group.

Kailey Nichols

My name is Kailey Nichols and I am a junior at Burlingame High School. I am Chinese, Polish, and Irish. I am currently involved in lacrosse, Model United Nations, and the Burlingame Cancer Research Group. In my free time I love to draw and make art. In addition to this, I do lots of volunteering for the National Charity League and I babysit.

Serena Mello

My name is Serena Mello, and I am a 16 year old junior in high school. Outside of school, all of my time is spent at my dance studio, in which I rehearse a minimum of 4 hours Monday through Friday. Dancing has been the largest part of my life for almost 7 years now. Besides performing, education has always been a passion of mine; I’ve dedicated countless hours into schooling and getting my academics to where they are now. The Ambassadors Company has given me an amazing opportunity to help a number of amazing and smart people lead a truly remarkable company. I love working with Maxine and the other Ambassadors to expand the teenage market and help improve the future of our society.

Cory Lane

Hi, I’m Cory Lane. I am a 19 year old male with long red hair and a rather large beard. I attend UCLA, and I am an actor improviser and comedian who enjoys reading and playing video games. I enjoy punk, blues and comedic music as well as indie and dark comedy movies.

Jackie Loiselle

My name is Jackie Loiselle; I’m 17 and from Duxbury, Massachusetts. I go to Choate Rosemary Hall– a boarding school in Connecticut. I lived in Silicon Valley for two years in middle school and love the entrepreneurial world. In my free time, I love playing (ice) hockey and soccer, and I love doing community service. I love working for the Ambassadors because it gives me a say in real world things that I’m actually interested in.

Chris Boennighausen

My name is Chris Boennighausen, I'm 17 years old, and I am a junior at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose. I live in Los Altos, California. My extracurriculars include rugby at Bell, acting, and student council. I have a real passion for caring for the environment, and enjoy going to the beach and surfing. The reason why I love working for The Ambassadors is that there is really no other company around that specifically targets teenagers for consulting. This company truly makes me feel that I am not just giving my own perspective, but the perspective of the young adolescent demographic as a whole.