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About Us

Teens are fickle, hard to reach, and hard to read. We know how critical young people are in today’s consumer market and we’re here to bridge the gap between brands and teens. No matter how brilliant your product managers and marketers are, the only way to truly understand teens is to talk to us directly. We are a group of engaged, articulate, and excited teens that can provide the honest teen perspective. Our Ambassadors are in touch with what is happening in the world around them, allowing them to be trendsetters and on the cusp of innovation.

Our platform exposes your products to teens who take the time to use it in their real life - at home, in school, with friends and family.

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Our process allows teens to feel comfortable and relaxed while testing.

Our Ambassadors provide their authentic perspective on open-ended and specific questions which we vet.

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You get detailed feedback as well as a distilled list of actionable insights.

We have sourced a trendsetting and in-tune network of Ambassadors who can truly articulate meaningful feedback.

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