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AmbassCo x Poparazzi

Be a part of the next wave of social media. Join the Poparazzi Ambassador program! Poparazzi is a social media app where you can post casual and unfiltered content of friends, fam, & anyone as their “poparazzi.”

What to know about this program: 

  • This is about YOU and using Pop naturally, the way you would in your day-to-day. 

    • Examples of Poparazzi content from TikTok are linked: 

 here, here, here, & here​

  • We’ll empower your ideas for how you’ll use Poparazzi with your friends, and how you want to share it. 

  • We’ll work with you to get your feedback and understand the platform culture.





About AmbassCo: 


  • We work with our network of high schoolers and college students to tell brands what's good. 

  • We’re an insights and feedback company that works with companies on their branding, marketing, products, and more.

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