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Gen-Z's interest is peaked in anything and everything money-related

The internet is our broker, adviser, and analyst.


3 million new Robinhood users drawn by the promise of free stocks and fast money 


Cult leader Dave “El Pres” Portnoy of Barstool Sports and Davey Day Trader Global is leading an army of Gen-Z and millennial day traders into the markets 


Tik Tok, Twitter, and Discord accounts dedicated to helping young investors grow their capital 


Tik Tok “advisors” will teach you how to do everything from trade forex to blue chips 


While making sure you tuck away a lil’ money in an IRA using things like acorns

We're learning how to make money doing everything

  1. Real Estate

  2. Amazon FBA 

  3. Forex 

  4. Retail brands 

  5. Technical trading 

  6. Crypto (Winklevoss twins prompted Portnoy to move into the crypto space, only for him to leave a few days later after incurring 6 to 7 figure losses)

Things that are missing

Risk Management and ​hedging


We are more inclined to live on the edge and take huge risks, which for most is a very bad thing

Gen-Z is a market mover

Buy spikes triggered by big clout players like Portnoy will send a stock skyrocketing or plummeting affecting every investor

Jim Cramer called it “dumb money” but even dumb money affects the market in huge ways

Gen-Z has its own regulators

Well respected members of the online investing community and the ruthless comments sections are sure to sniff out any fraudulent schemes 

It’s strength in numbers and for many, it’s working

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