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UNFILTERED is a series of live discussions with AmbassCo teen Ambassadors. On 4/19, we hosted live focus groups centered around key topics that face our generation today. For this event, we talked about how Gen-Z is handling COVID-19.  

Panel Topics: 

  • TikTok vs. Instagram: A discussion around how TikTok has pulled market share from Insta, and the ways teens are engaging with both platforms. 

  • Day in the life: Our Ambassadors's daily app & tech behavior, including their top 10 favorite "quarantine" products + services 

  • E-sports/Gaming: Understanding how Gen-Z is engaging with e-sports during quarantine.

  • Be a Brand, Not our Friend: A conversation about what teens are looking for from brands right now, and what brands should be doing to engage their youth customers during this time. 

About the panelists: 

UNFILTERED panels are  of high school and college students from the AmbassCo Gen-Z Ambassador network, made up of diverse high schoolers and college students from around the country. 

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